christmas things.

here are some photos so far…

our stockings.

the tree.

the gingerbread house.

emma’s letter to santa. (she wrote the top line herself. she lost interest for the rest of it.)

emma’s ornament she made at school. its a beautiful “mess.”

emma describing to santa what she would like for him to bring her this year.



i LOVE fall! we done so much pumpkin stuff this year… it has been such fun! we have been to 2 different pumpkin patches and painted our own pumpkins in our backyard. (emma has done tons of pumpkin stuff at school, too.) AND, we just bought a pumpkin to carve and turn into a jack-o-lantern… i’m anxious to let her scoop out the seeds and put them in the oven!!!

here are some photos.

scarecrow emma.

emma and lizzy.

emma and mason.

what a beautiful pumpkin!

a recap of our summer.

summer’s officially over… and i have really slacked off on writing. that’s not to say that its been uneventful– actually, a lot happened. some highlights…

Emma is officially 2 and a HALF! 😉 Now when people ask, “how old is she?” I don’t have to stumble with my words…

Tito turned 67 on July 21! The week before that, he took a trip on his bike that he’s wanted to do for a long time. He rode his bike on the “Mother Road” a.k.a. Route 66. He took about 2 weeks off to ride for 8 hrs a day, stop to sleep, and do it all over again the next day. The dream of a lifetime is DONE! 😉 Since then, Tito decided to sell his big bike after going on the trip. He doesn’t think he will do another trip like that again, so he will stick with his one smaller one…

We took a little trip to Vegas, baby! Aunt Marlene and Uncle Josh live there, so we got to do some cool “not-on-the-strip” stuff. pics are taken with ian’s iphone. we had our camera, but that phone is just so convenient.

Aunt Marlene and Uncle Josh had birthdays! August 5 and 9 respectively. Emma and I wrapped up a box cake mix and icing to mail to them. They had to bake their own cake!

Enjoy the pics!
**NOTE: all the small images are taken with ian’s iphone… click on them to enlarge! (it would take FOREVER to resize them all)

on the plane to vegas!

at mount charleston.

hanging out with aunt marlene.

emma’s first build a bear experience. it’s actually a bunny she named fluffy.




mommy and daddy at the beatles LOVE show at the mirage. i love the beatles!

we also went to south padre island a few weeks ago. emma absolutely loved the beach! she played in the sand for hours!!! poor baby actually got a really bad sunburn. mommy didn’t use enough sunscreen!

sweet girl!

daddy and his princess.

all smiles!

los warshaks!


tita and tito came to see emma while we were there.

we had an amazing summer! BUT, i am so excited to be back in school and ready for fall! 😉