happy half birthday, jack!

i know i’m a little over the top… i decided to have a little half birthday celebration for jack. any excuse to bake a cake and sing to my boy is a good one! here are some pics!

this is the cake i made. it was fun to decorate. 😉

here we are singing happy half birthday. we had to have presents and friends, too!

i truly cannot believe that he is already six months old! he will be having his first real birthday in no time!!!


you know you want some.

today was a BIG day in jack’s world. that is in part because he can officially sit up on his own for a few seconds before beginning to lean sideways… we’ve been working on that and my boy has made some great progress in the last few days. 😉 however, that is NOT the biggest reason… today, ladies and gentlemen, jack got his first taste of deliciousness… something other than his boring meal of mommy’s milk… his first bite of sweet potatoes!!!

here we are practicing with a spoon…

as you can see, he couldn’t contain himself…

up next… carrots, peas, green beans, and squash. and after that, true delicioiusness. FRUITS! 🙂