funny emma.

(a recent exchange between ian and emma)

emma: daddy, i have to go to the bathroom.

daddy: number one or number two?

emma: number three.

daddy: what’s that?

emma: pee pee, poo poo, and toots.



these days when anyone asks how i am feeling… the answer is always… tired. i also feel happy, busy, content, and full, but for some reason, tired always comes to mind. days start and end one after another and i don’t feel like i refill my energy tank. i anticipate naptimes and bedtimes…. for the kids and for me, too. i think back to the days when it was just ian and me…. when we both had jobs outside of our home… when we would come home at the end of the day… and we had so much time. i still don’t know what we did with our time. 😉 i think its funny to hear someone without kids talk about how tired they are. about how they have to be up early and how they stay at work so late, etc, etc… ENJOY IT! i say. SOAK IT UP! things will change when you have children. they are wonderful, but they sure are time suckers!!!

God helps me get through my very busy days with two children. i wouldn’t change it for anything in the world, but sometimes i dream of the day when i will have more time… time to write, time to read, time to organize my closet and jewelry armoire, finish the kids’ baby books, finish my wedding scrapbook, sew clothes for the kids and myself, work in the garden, paint the last piece of antique furniture that ian’s parents gave us when we got married, bake some yummy desserts, update my blog, organize all of our digital photos and video, take more photos and video………………..the list can go on and on.

if i could make a wish, it would be to add another 2 or 3 (or 10 hours) to each day (after my children are asleep or before they wake up preferably) 😉 for now, i think my plan is to try to get to bed earlier each night. staying up past midnight every night sure isn’t helping!!!

getting ready for summer.

as much as i dread the heat… summer is on its way. so i decided to embrace it. to make it fun… and to get ready for it!!! so we spent the morning in the backyard. i filled a bucket with some soap and water, got a brush and sponge, and let emma have fun washing her outdoor toys. she LOVED it! we spent several hours outside, and i decided we need an outdoor ceiling fan since our super old one doesn’t work well and sounds like a plane taking off… i told ian we could just move the one in jack’s room out and buy him a new one, but he explained that we need a special “outdoor” fan. if its not meant to be outside the blades would bend… hmmm…. so thats why i see fan blades droop like that…. hehehe who knew??

anyway, here are some photos… i’m so glad that should have been another chore for me turned out to be fun for emma… maybe we will wash up her toys from time to time just for fun!

i love this one of emma.

scubbing her jeep.

she loved dipping the brush in the bucket for more soapy water!

jack joined us after his morning nap… he is getting sooooo big!!