spring is in the air…

spring is not my favorite season of the year… i prefer fall and winter for sure. however, i do appreciate the newness spring brings each year. cool crisp rain, trees getting new leaves, flowers starting to bloom, the sound of birds “tweeting” as emma calls it, i can go on and on. this year especially, i have appreciated the beginning of the year with newness of life. with jack’s birth and learning how to be a family of four, i have experienced spring like never before… i am really enjoying the activities of spring.

check out our veggies.

this is the new toy i wrote about… a new double jogging stroller!!! we have already been to the zoo with it twice!

easter. the real meaning of new life. God has been so good to us. We went to church as a family and i LOVED it. emma even sat with us and listened to the message.

here are the kids with their baskets.