back on the points!

yes, i am back on weight watchers. it really helped me last year when i wanted to lose some weight, so i figure i’d stick with something that worked for me. i started today… went for a jog before the kids woke up, and ate reasonably healthy. no dr. pepper today. i actually bought some diet caffeine free dr pepper while we were at the grocery store today. it wasn’t bad at all. my goal is to lose 15 pounds. i bet i can do it in a few months. especially with the help of our new toy… more on that later!


happy 2 month birthday, jack!

today is jack’s 2 month b-day! we sang to him tonight before emma went to bed. it was so sweet.

jack’s most recent stats:
weight- 10 lbs 3 oz (as of last week)
length- 22 1/4 inches (as of last week)
eye color- bluish gray
hair color- light brown
hair pattern- bald, with an especially bare bald spot on the back of his head
cheeks- chubby, soft, and 2 dimples
chin- pointy
fingers and toes- extremely cute
brow- furrowed
mood- happy, easygoing, can quickly go south when he realizes he is hungry or sleepy
cry- pretty wimpy
sleep habits- jack is a wonderful sleeper! ( i don’t want to jinx this) he loves to be swaddled and falls asleep quickly and easily once he is. he usually falls asleep on his own in his bassinet without much protest. if he does cry, it is only for 2-3 minutes.
favorite girls- mommy and emma
favorite guy- daddy
favorite kitty- lacey
favorite thing- lights
favorite head position- thrown back
favorite meal- mommy’s milk
favorite pacifier- will not take one
diaper size- 1

jack has his 2 month checkup tomorrow morning. he will not be happy about shots and i certainly won’t either!