Operation Christmas Child.

Emma and I spent most of the day shopping and stuffing our boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We decided we wanted to send boxes to little girls that were around her age, so we set out to find some things that we thought they would like. Emma did great helping me think of things that we could get for them. We got some toiletries like soap, washcloths, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even some panties and socks. But we mostly got carried away with toys! We bought coloring books, crayons, gel pens, fun hairbrushes and accessories, pink stuffed bears, puzzles, bracelets….. and a little (not much) candy!!!

As we were shopping, I explained to her that some kids don’t have toys and nice things like she does. I told her that God wants us to share with these kids and that it makes him happy when we do. She is thrilled that we are sending them to little girls. I was shocked that NOT ONCE during our shopping did she ask to keep anything or to get another of something for herself. It makes me so happy to see my little girl learning to give and be selfless.

There is one problem. 😉 When we were done Emma asked, “Mommy, can we take the boxes to the girls now?” I had to explain that we didn’t know who the girls were, and that the boxes were going very far away. We decided to put notes in the boxes with Emma’s info so that maybe she could get a letter from them sometime. It would be amazing to communicate with these girls!

Operation Christmas Child is done through Samaritan’s Purse International. I would highly recommend getting involved in this. It has already been great for our family and the holidays are still over a month away!!!


Author: denissewarshak

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have the best three kids in the world. I like to write, craft, and take pictures of the beautiful things around me.

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