i LOVE fall! we done so much pumpkin stuff this year… it has been such fun! we have been to 2 different pumpkin patches and painted our own pumpkins in our backyard. (emma has done tons of pumpkin stuff at school, too.) AND, we just bought a pumpkin to carve and turn into a jack-o-lantern… i’m anxious to let her scoop out the seeds and put them in the oven!!!

here are some photos.

scarecrow emma.

emma and lizzy.

emma and mason.

what a beautiful pumpkin!

quick story.

so yesterday, the three of us went to heb to get some stuff we needed. i am really forgetful these days, so i forgot to buy the stamps i needed. i remembered on our way back to the parking lot, so i decided to go back inside by myself and have ian pick me up.

so i’m standing in line behind someone who had a ton of groceries. then another person showed up and started piling her own groceries on the counter. clearly, i was standing between them, but did not have anything on the counter to pay for. when i was next the cashier just stared at me and asked, “can i help you?” “i need a book of stamps please.” “oh good!” she said. “i was hoping you weren’t buying cigarettes!!!”

that was the funniest thing that has happened to me in a long time. i couldn’t wait to get back in the car and tell ian. cashier…. pregnant belly me…. & cigarettes?? i don’t think so!

first haircut.

we are very weird people… and we have been dreading the day that we cut emma’s hair. (especially ian) he kept reminding me that the very tips of her hair have been on her head since she was born… oh brother, i thought, that doesn’t mean we have to keep it forever!!!

anyway, it was so scraggly that i thought it was time to chop it off. here it is before…

the actual haircut experience was not too bad. we talked to her about being a big girl and sitting in a pink jeep. she even got to watch cinderella, which is her current favorite movie. thank goodness for tv!

she didn’t lose a lot of her hair. we were not prepared to see too much go right away. at least it is all one length now. we can live with that for a while. 😉