Happy Birthday, Lacey Pooh!


We LOVE this cat! It may seem strange to some of you, but she truly is a member of our family. I have had her since she was a kitten and I was in college. She turned 8 today. How many years is that is cat years? Hopefully not too many. We want to have her around for a long, long time.

Emma loves her just as much, if not more, than we do. Even as a baby, any time Emma had a fall or needed some comforting, we were sure Lacey could do the trick. She could be screaming in pain after a fall… and one look at Lacey would bring a smile to her face. It was Lacey who motivated her to reach, crawl, and eventually walk. Lacey and Emma have been best friends for quite a while.

So, today we did what any family would do for the birthday of a member. We baked Lacey a cake and bought her some presents. We even sang Happy Birthday and got her a candle (which Emma helped her blow out.)


Author: denissewarshak

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have the best three kids in the world. I like to write, craft, and appreciate the beautiful things around me.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lacey Pooh!”

  1. I somehow missed my invitation….it must have be lost in the meowail. We love you too Pooh!

    The guy who’s eyes swell closed when he pets you!


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