ian, the concerned citizen.

its funny to see how becoming a dad has changed ian. back in college he spent his time playing. playing with his computer, his guitar, any toy that was the coolest at the time. these days he’s still into toys. like his iphone… the coolest toy he says has EVER been made. i have to agree with him. it is pretty neat. another toy… his PS3. any evening you might find him playing a game of NBA2K8 after Emma’s gone to bed. (sometimes he sneaks breaks from working during the day to play, too) anyway, i can ramble, but here’s my point. here is ian’s new toy.

Yes, its a gun. And, yes, it says Hot Wheels on it. ‘What is it?’ you may be asking yourself. let me explain. it is a radar gun. ian has decided that people drive way too fast down our street. so fast that we might need to have some speed bumps put in. so, ian decided to do some research on his own. he ordered this baby online for $30 so he could figure out just how fast cars are going. its funny to see him out there pointing the radar gun at cars, and then seeing the drivers stare back at him wondering what the heck he is doing. the next step is getting a real deal officer out here to take some data and determine if we can get those speed bumps put in. ian has the application for that ready, too. we need the signatures of 10 families on our street who agree with us.

who would have thought that he’d be such a concerned citizen? i guess that’s what having a kid does to you. i love it… 😉


Rock Band!!!


a few months ago, ian decided we needed a PS3. i’m not a fan of video games, and we already have a wii which i think is pretty fun. but… after his newest purchase, i have to say… i LOVE RockBand! you can live out your dreams of being a singer, a drummer, or a guitar player. it comes with a totally sweet drum set, a guitar (similar to Guitar Hero), and a real deal microphone. everything you need to start your own band! we quickly figured out a cheat code so we can play all the songs without having to unlock them, and we have already bought a bunch more from the playstation store online.

i used to think i was a pretty good singer in high school until i had an unfortunate experience with the star spangled banner at a friday night football game (another story.) but RockBand doesn’t care. it tells me how good i am and makes me feel like i am a real rock star. i even enjoy playing drums, and i have to say that i respect drummers a LOT more now. it is NOT EASY to play a bunch of drums with different rhythms… not to mention throwing your foot in the mix, too. but it IS totally FUN!!

there have been some things in life that i would have loved to do. things that would have been cool, but just not doable for me. like being a bartender. it would have been amazing to create fun drinks and twirl bottles around. the closest thing i did to that was working at a coffee shop in college and making coffee drinks. the other thing that would have been fun would definitely be to be a rock star. The closest thing to that??? Playing Rock Band!!

These days, we can’t wait to get Emma in bed so we can get our Rock Band on. We are thinking about teaching Emma how to play, too. She would probably catch on quick and be unbeatable!!