rose petal cottage.


this is one of emma’s christmas presents this year. i have known this for a few months now, and i have been scoping out the best price for it. target had a coupon the week before thanksgiving for $15 off. that was nice considering its regular price is $79.99. so, of course, i went and bought it. then, to my surprise, the cottage goes on sale at target for $49.99!!! man, was i upset. i decided i would go back to try to get reinbursed for the difference and it was no problem at all. I LOVE TARGET!

anyway, to make a long story short, all of the accessories that you can buy for the cottage were on sale, too. i decided that i am only going to buy her the house (which comes with the stove) and add the other parts later (you can buy a nursery, sink, and washer, too.) but i did want some of play food for it. i want the muffin set and the stew set. ALL of the targets in san antonio were out. yes, ALL of them. i had a nice worker scan the codes for the items and he searched for them. he couldn’t find any, and on top of it all, he said it looked like they were discontinuing the collection. bummer.

i tried to not let it control my thoughts… i really did. but, in the end, i ended up wanting these extra things so badly that i called my mom and had her look at the targets in her area in mcallen. she went to 4 of them, and thankfully found the things i wanted. had she not, i was prepared to call my sister in las vegas next. i became a crazy woman for the rose petal cottage stuff.

i guess other moms are just as crazy as me. these things have been hard to come by. and they have started quite the controversy about little girls playing “house.” check out this blog. controversy about what we are teaching our daughters about being a homemaker. about wanting them to strive for something more than just being a “stay at home mom.” personally, i LOVE staying at home. and i want emma to raise her own kids at home someday if she so chooses. these people are taking this over the top. the rose petal cottage is intended for fun and play. i can’t wait to see the smile and joy on emma’s face when she sees it on christmas morning. 😉

thoughts, anyone?


farewell, bumbo!

there is a recall on our bumbo. it is sooooo sad! we LOVED this thing! we used it as a high chair for emma for a long time. she played in it forever. i was shocked to hear that babies have had head injuries because of it. so, like any good parent, i took it back. target gave me a nice giftcard for $43 with no questions asked. i do hope that they come out with a new SAFE version.



Mission High School Class of ’98


Two weekends ago, Ian and I went to our 10 year high school reunion. Yes, we went to the same high school and yes, we were high school sweethearts. We started dating our senior year… and the rest is history! We had over 800 in our graduating class, and it was disappointing that only a little over 100 showed up. Still, it was great to see people. Most of them seemed the same- except that they were married and had kids. After talking with most of them we realized that the majority were either teachers or bankers. Sadly, some people were already divorced, and even worse, we heard of some that were in jail. Yikes! Overall, we had good times going to a high school football game and hanging out with some of our old classmates.

my latest projects.

here they are…

a few weeks ago i decided that i was going to make a special stool for emma. i was visiting my friend shelby and she had a stool that had been given to her when she was a little girl. i hope that emma can treasure this stool that her mommy made her for years to come.

i made chocolate cupcakes from scratch for the first time on halloween! they turned out to be pretty yummy!

and finally, the squares for my quilt. don’t be fooled. these are NOT very good. the measurements are not exact, the seams don’t line up, but hey, its a pretty good try. i’m going to connect them and sew a border tomorrow. i’ll show the finished product soon.