trick or treat.

emma is a butterfly this year. she LOVES butterflies! (buh-wuh-fwys, as she likes to call them) she requests shirts with butterflies on them, and can spot pictures of them anywhere. so, it was fitting that she dress up as one. today was ‘dress up as your favorite story book character’ at school, so i had to make it work. i had to think of a book that had a butterfly in it. luckily, one of her favorite books is “the very hungry caterpillar” by eric carle. perfect. she was the butterfly at the end of the book. 😉




David Crowder Band.


Last Sunday, Ian and I got to see David Crowder Band in concert. We went with Christy and Levi and the four of us were probably the oldest people there. How sad!! Everywhere you looked all you could see were teenagers! A few days later I overheard an older lady talking about the concert, so I chimed in… “Oh, did you go to the David Crowder concert?” She looked at me and said, “No, but my son did.” Yikes! We really ARE old!!!

Anyway, I have decided that this won’t bring me down. We are going to stay young at heart no matter what!!!

Check out this photo of the concert.


the coolest thing.

the coolest thing happened to me yesterday. i went to wal mart to buy some stuff i needed. i couldn’t find some magnets, so i decided to get some help. i looked down the aisle and found a lady on a ladder stocking some shelves. “Excuse me,” i said. she looked at me, shook her head NO, and mouthed something. As I was looking at her, i realized that she was trying to tell me that she was deaf. “No problem,” i thought. my sign language is not great by any means… but if i don’t know the word, i figure i could just spell it, right? so i quickly spelled the word ‘magnets’ to her. her eyes lit up and she realized that i could indeed talk to her. she seemed so happy to come down the ladder to help me. it melted my heart to see how anxious and excited she was.

that made my day. who knew my little knowledge of sign language could be so uplifting? 🙂