We are taking swim lessons again this summer. For those of you who don’t know, Emma LOVES fish. I don’t know why, but she has always been fond of them. As early as she was able to recognize things, she could spot them a mile away. She would wave her little hand (which is the sign for fish) and say “sheeeeee.” Now she has progressed to saying “shish.” That f sound will come someday!! We have figured out that whether they are goldfish crackers, photos on a screensaver, real fish swimming on tv, whatever… she loves all fish.

That is why she HAD TO have this bathing suit. 😉


18 months.

Dear Emma,
Happy half birthday! You are officially one and a half! We are in the middle of summer and we have been so so busy! Here’s what you are up to these days…

You have become such a smart little girl. You talk so much! Sometimes I wish you came with a mute button! 😉 “Moh peese!” you say. Or “Hoh-too” (translation: more, please and hold you) You definitely know what you want and when you want it. You request things all the time. And I’ve had to trick you when I can’t give you what you want. Like the horses by our house… you want to see them every time you are in the car. But we don’t always go in the direction of the horses, so I have to tell you that they went “night night.” That usually works. Then you wish them “night night,” too. You are too cute!

You are definitely my child because you LOVE to eat! That is something that you got from me. (one of the few things) You love tomatoes (or to-no-nos as you like to call them) and pizza (zee-zaa.) After a few tries, you even like olives. Your grandmother says that I didn’t eat as much as you do until I was about six, so I am very blessed that you are such a great eater!!! Yay!

Your hair is getting so long! When you are in the bath and your hair is wet, parts of it go past your shoulders and look sooo pretty! It will be so much fun to make ponytails and braids as it gets even longer. You still LOVE to put on lotion. At times, you’ve even eaten some… don’t tell Daddy! We are swimming again this summer. You just started lessons, and Mommy has taken you to Lifetime to swim a few times. You are pretty comfortable in the water. You are even getting a nice tan. 😉

You love to read books, play in your car (aka Emma’s Jeep,) and walk around with your corn popper. You have switched from watching Baby Einstein to watching a British show called Boo. Daddy set the DVR to record it for you every single day. You have about 20 episodes to choose from. Isn’t he sweet?

I could go on and on and on about how wonderful I think you are. Mostly you are just being you, learning about the world and loving every bit of it. We haven’t come across anything that you don’t like. (except maybe bedtime) You are all around happy and always looking to have fun. You are soooo incredibly smart. I thank God for letting me be your mommy every single day. I am grateful that He let me have such a wonderful little girl as my daughter. You are such a blessing. I love you so much.

Love always,

great news!

I just got back into town, and I wanted to let everyone know the great news… NO skin cancer! YAY!!! I’m still not sure exactly what it is, since I only got a message on my machine telling me that it wasn’t that. I’m anxious to call the doctor’s office tomorrow to find out more. Thank you all for your prayers. Praise GOD! HE is awesome!!!


hey everyone,
for a few months now, i have had a weird little rash on my face. i went to the dermatologist two weeks ago and he did something to it that was supposed to make it go away. but it didn’t. so today i went back and he took a biopsy of it to determine if it is skin cancer. please please pray that it isn’t. for those of you who know ian, he is already freaking out. 😉 thanks in advance for your prayers. we will get the results in a week and i will let you know how it goes…