Emma with Tito and Tita.

Emma and Papo.

Looking pretty tired… 😉



quick story… when emma and i color or draw, i always write her name on her work. i start with a capital E and continue to write the rest of her name as i sound it out. i figure eventually she will understand it, right? so… today, she was playing with ian as usual. they were playing with her mega blocks train. its a train that has blocks that can stack on top of it. each block has a letter on it so as she gets older we can actually spell some words.

emma was playing with the blocks, holding and stacking them, when all of a sudden she held one up and said “EMMA!” ian looked up and saw that she was holding a block up for him to see. the little genius that my daughter is was in fact holding up a block with the letter E!!! i could not believe it. i have never taught her any letters. she continues to amaze me… every single day.

walking!!! (finally)

yes, that’s right. emma beth is finally walking. all on her own. with no help from mommy or daddy. but…. with this new independence comes new trouble for the princess. you see, now that she can walk, she doesn’t want any part of me. she wants to do things all by herself. at stores, she will squirm her way out of my arms because all she wants is to get “doooooowwwwwwnn!” she wants to pull things off shelves, climb up and down steps, and even play with all kinds of dirty things that her daddy would never approve of. she refuses to hold my hand for fear that i will dictate her path. she has become little miss independent. 😉

i love that she is walking, but man, i’m not ready for the new phase in parenting her. for both of our sakes, i better get some control stat. after all, i’m still the boss.


We were in Monterrey, Mexico a few weeks ago. Here are some photos of our trip. We had so much fun!

Emma with Mommy and Daddy.

Emma loved the horses!

Another horse!

Playing with Aunt Marlene.

Four generations… again. We took this same picture last year. Emma has grown so much!