Misuse of apostrophes.

Not many things bother me, but this really does. So many people misuse apostrophes these days. Here are the simple rules about apostrophes… 1. Apostrophes are not to be used with plurals (in the case of plurals, adding the letter s will suffice.) 2. Apostrophes should ONLY be used for possessives and contractions.

For instance, it is okay to write the following sentence.

The Warshaks are coming over for dinner.

It is not appropriate, however, to write it this way.
The Warshak’s are coming over for dinner.

To correct the error you would simply add something that belongs to the Warshaks following the apostrophe. Like, the Warshak’s (dog, cat, spinners, bling, etc) are coming over for dinner.

I really think the misuse of apostrophes is the very destruction of society as we know it. Share this with a friend and make the world a better (smarter) place. 😉

Author: denissewarshak

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have the best three kids in the world. I like to write, craft, and appreciate the beautiful things around me.

5 thoughts on “Misuse of apostrophes.”

  1. Here, here! equally irritating is the improper use of the words “your” and “you’re.” you’re is a contraction. you ONLY use it if you could also say “you are.” 🙂 don’t even get me started on bad grammar!!! and to, two and too is also a world of confusion for some! AND “irregardless” is NOT a word!!! it’s just “regardless.” and it’s not the 10 items or less line, it’s the 10 items or FEWER line. i’m stopping now for the sake of my peaceful day! 🙂 and by the way, my favorite incorrect apostrophe use as of late is is the sign i saw at a mexican food restaurant that advertised “fajita’s” for $9.95. hmmm… fajita’s what?


  2. it’s is a contration too. so if you can say “it is” instead of “it’s” and the statement remains correct, then you use “it’s.” for example “Whose hat is this? It’s his.” makes sense say “it is his” so you use “it’s.” on the flip side, “the dog wagged its tail.” it wouldn’t make sense to say the dog wagged it is tail. so you can’t use “it’s” because “it’s” is only used as a replacement for “it is.” i can also give you the whose vs who’s and whom vs. who lecture sometime too. 🙂 just not typing it out! it gets way too confusing! even the “it’s” lecture is hard this way. … and i always wondered how my english degree would come in handy… sorry to use your blog for side conversations, denisse!


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