If you know me well, you know that I can be quite forgetful. I cannot count the times that I have left the house and thought, “Oh no! I forgot my cell phone!” or asked, “Hey Ian, did you grab Emma’s lunch?” With life as busy as it is, it is no wonder that people forget things. Sometimes I think that if my head were not attached to my body I would forget that somewhere, too.

What I do not understand is how anyone could forget their panties. Yes, I said panties. Could there ever be a situation when you are getting dressed in the morning, head out the door, and realize “Oh no! I am not wearing UNDERWEAR!!!” What type of adult brain could achieve this mistake? Even if this scenario did exist, I know that I would certainly turn my car around to put some on.

Britney, if you are reading this, I ask that you tie some yarn around your finger to remind you to wear panties EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now with your new Victoria’s Secret deal, your problem is not a lack of having some. If you really want to keep your kids, I suggest that you do your best to keep attention away. And one way to do this is to wear panties.


Misuse of apostrophes.

Not many things bother me, but this really does. So many people misuse apostrophes these days. Here are the simple rules about apostrophes… 1. Apostrophes are not to be used with plurals (in the case of plurals, adding the letter s will suffice.) 2. Apostrophes should ONLY be used for possessives and contractions.

For instance, it is okay to write the following sentence.

The Warshaks are coming over for dinner.

It is not appropriate, however, to write it this way.
The Warshak’s are coming over for dinner.

To correct the error you would simply add something that belongs to the Warshaks following the apostrophe. Like, the Warshak’s (dog, cat, spinners, bling, etc) are coming over for dinner.

I really think the misuse of apostrophes is the very destruction of society as we know it. Share this with a friend and make the world a better (smarter) place. 😉

Yummy enough to eat.


I have made one gingerbread house in the past, and I couldn’t remember why I didn’t do it more often. I figured it out really quick. Making a gingerbread house takes some work. This year, Mommy did it (with some help from Daddy.) Next year, Emma will have to help me. 😉
Below are some pictures of the process. I’m sure there are better ways to do it all, but hey, I think I did pretty good overall.

1. The Kit.


2. The “blueprint.”

3. The walls of the house.


4. The roof.


5. A sticky mess.


6. A fully constructed house with windows and a door.


7. A bit of decorations.


8. More decorations.


9. The finished product. BEAUTIFUL!!!