Ten Months (and a day) ;-)

Dear Emma,

You are now ten months old! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. It seems like just yesterday Daddy and I were driving to the hospital ready to have you. These last ten months have been so awesome. You have grown from a tiny little baby who could do absolutely nothing for herself to a very independent little girl who fights to do things without Mommy. I am so blessed to have you. You are such a happy baby. You are actually (I’m scared to say it) pretty easy. Let’s hope I don’t jinx it and end up with a really difficult baby next time.


These days, your day includes lots of play, lots of food, and not so much sleep. You used to take THREE nice long naps everyday, but now you are down to only 2 short naps. I hear that pretty soon you will actually only take ONE nap! When will I ever get anything done around here??? That’s ok, I will just have to show you how to help me swiffer the floor and fold the laundry. That will be so much more fun than just laying in it like you do now, right?


You are trying hard to say the words you hear around you. I can see you thinking hard when you look at Daddy and me talk to you. One thing you can say for sure is “Uh-oh!” I love it when you drop (or throw) something and then say “Uh-oh!” You have learned to say it at the right time! You can say “Da da da da,” and when I say “Ma ma ma” for you to repeat you kinda just look at me and respond with your usual “Da da da.” Maybe it sounds the same to you, or maybe its still too hard to say. Either way, I think you are trying hard to imitate what I say. I can’t wait to hear you say Mama for the first time. It will be wonderful.


We have some behavior issues with you already. I know all about behavior, but I have to say, I am not sure what to do with you on this one. Lately, when you eat, you decide that it would be really funny if you spit out your food. Just for fun, no other reason that I can think of… you just spit your food out and then laugh at me when I say “No!” I actually think that you are saying “No” right back to me. It sounds more like ‘Dah’ but I know you are imitating what I say. For now, I just stop and give you puffs (your favorite) so you can feed yourself. For some reason, you DON’T spit those out. Maybe that means that you don’t want me to feed you anymore, but girlie, if I don’t feed you, there is NO WAY that you would get enough to fill that belly of yours. I will keep trying. I’ve figured out a few tricks to get you to stop the spitting… but they only work sometimes. đŸ˜‰


Daddy and I have decided that you are probably not going to crawl. You are so content with doing your ‘army crawl’ on your belly that you don’t need to learn to crawl. Sure, you can get on your hands and knees when you want to, but if you want to get somewhere quick, you just drop it like its hot and wiggle on your belly. You are soooo cute! You wiggle all over the house now! I REALLY have to keep my eyes on you. There have been times when I leave you for a minute only to find you licking the bottom of my shoes or picking up a puff from the floor (don’t tell Daddy!) Oh well, you’ll live! You are getting really good at getting up on your knees. You have even pulled yourself up to a standing position a few times. Maybe you will walk soon! I can’t wait!


Emma Beth, you are an amazing little girl. I love you very much. I can’t wait to see more of your personality as time goes on. I can’t wait to hear your little voice say real words. I can’t wait for us to read books together, bake cookies, and plant flowers in the backyard. It will be so much fun… and its not too far away. You are growing up pretty fast! Just keep smiling and take your time! Learn to be patient, so that at least one of us is!



Author: denissewarshak

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have the best three kids in the world. I like to write, craft, and appreciate the beautiful things around me.

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