Who does she look like?


Mommy or Grandpa Mike??

(you better say Mommy)

When Emma was born, we could not figure out who she looked like. Does she look like Ian or Denisse? None. She looked like her Grandpa Mike. She still does… 😉


How hard can it be to score a touchdown?

Here is my take on this.  After a weekend of watching endless football, I asked myself, “How hard can it be to score a touchdown???”

It looks pretty easy to me.  When you have the ball, you get 4 CHANCES to move the ball 10 YARDS…  That’s it.  Then, if you can do that, you get 4 MORE chances to move the ball 10 MORE yards.  All you have to do is move it toward your goal.  Move 10 yards, then another 10, and so on until you get there.   You can throw it, run with it, or do whatever it takes to get it there.   Eventually you will score.

I don’t understand how you can waste your attempts and NOT score.  OR… how you can throw the ball and let the other team get it.  The rules are very simple.  I think that if teams just stuck to the basics, they would not have to worry about whether the other team scored or not.  All that matters is that you score EVERY TIME you have the ball.  You would win more games that way.

I should be making the big bucks.  NFL teams:  feel free to contact me if you’d like me to coach your team 😉

You just don’t see this in Texas.


While we were in Chicago this weekend, I was amazed to see the beautiful autumn weather around me. I have to say, autumn is my favorite season (followed closely by winter.) I love feeling the cool breeze, seeing the beautiful gold and red tones on trees, and finally being able to wear LONGER sleeves. The weather reminds me of being in college, walking to class wearing my gloves and drinking a warm yummy treat. It reminds me of Ian and I dating… walking on campus at A&M, going out for dinner and a movie, sometimes the occasional rainy day that kept us inside… My thoughts are endless.

I just HAD TO take a picture of this tree. It is beautiful. I decided to take a few leaves from the trees there and make a collage to remember our trip by. I will just press them for a while and place them in a frame to display. I think its a cool souvenier.

I took this other picture while we were driving. If you look closely, you can see that it is raining leaves! Chicago really was windy, and the wind blew leaves off of the trees. It is awesome to see the beauty of God’s creation. I tell Ian that when we are at a beach or in the snow, I like to look around me and think about how beautiful everything that God created is. This was another example of that beauty.


I’m hoping to see a little bit of autumn here in Texas soon.  I won’t be keeping my fingers crossed though.  😉

Windy City.


The Warshak family traveled to Chicago this past weekend. We had a great time eating deep dish pizza, seeing the sights, and feeling the cool autumn weather. Emma was a trooper and did great as usual. She had tomato sauce for the first time AND she learned to imitate Mommy and Daddy’s kisses. It was so much fun! Here are some pictures of our trip.



A Smarter Emma.


Lately, Emma has realized when we are going to leave her in her room to sleep. She has learned that the mobile starting, the lights off, and us giving her the cow she sleeps with are all signs of the inevitable… Time for sleep. As you can imagine, this does not make her happy. After all, why would she want to stay in her crib to sleep when she could stay up and play? I totally understand her point, but I still have to choose sleep. (heheheh)
This is the one time that I, as the parent, have the louder voice. I LOVE that. If its time for bed, she goes down. Its that simple. She can choose to cry for a while (as she often does) or she can embrace it and enjoy her slumber. Sometimes its hard to hear her cry, but hey, I AM THE PARENT. SHE IS THE KID. What I say goes, right?