Tonight’s dinner was not the greatest.  Ian came home and I hadn’t decided what to make.  At the last minute I took a couple of frozen chicken breasts and decided to go with that.  I popped them in the microwave to thaw, and then cut them up into pieces to cook in a pan.  I threw the pieces in a ziplock bag and threw a mixture of sauces in to flavor them first.

I paired my chicken with some steamed broccoli and one of those packaged pasta meals with the seasoning already included.  Our meal was boring to say the least.  And, although I made it myself, I was not sure if I even wanted to try the chicken…  Was it cooked all the way through?  Would it be tender and juicy like the chicken at a restaurant?  (Probably not, it would be tough, dry, and not very tasty.)  I had no choice but to eat it since I forgot to eat lunch today…  I’m afraid such bad experiences will keep me from trying again.
I know that I am not a good cook by any means.  I admit it.  Please help me.  If anyone has any great EASY recipes for me, I’d love for you to share.  Don’t be shy!!!!  Help me make the daily chore of dinner a bit easier!

Author: denissewarshak

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have the best three kids in the world. I like to write, craft, and appreciate the beautiful things around me.

6 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. Let me just say this. When I was blessing our meal, and asked for protection from E. Coli, Denisse broke down laughing, which quickly turned to crying.


  2. i often pray for no salmonella or e coli poisoning because i have little raw chicken phobia. in fact just this week i said, after a phobia attack and chicken tossed into the trash, that i was buying only precooked chicken from now on! 🙂 i will call you today or tomorrow with lots of recipes! don’t feel bad! with a baby on your hands, i don’t know how you even have time to consider cooking. boring or not, dinner was an accomplishment!


  3. When I married my husband I found that he came with a few simple recipes, one of which I feed to him when he doesn’t feel like eating Boca burgers or peanut butter sandwiches, is called M-M-TS which stands for Meat Macaroni & Tomato Sauce and I haven’t poisoned him yet!

    Cook 12 oz Skinner’s elbow macaroni according to package directions use about 1 tsp salt in water.

    Cook 1 lb. extra lean ground beef until done.

    Add 3 8oz cans of tomato sauce to meat and then add pasta to that.


  4. Hi Denisse! I am all about easy dishes–when I was working 50 hours a week I didn’t have too much time to cook and now going through chemo and being tired all the time doesn’t make it much easier! I recently rediscovered orzo and have been enjoying different ways to cook it. Orzo is a type of pasta that, to me, looks like chubby rice. You can get it in the pasta section at the store. It is really easy to cook and you can flavor it a million different ways. You can serve it as a side or put meat and veggies in it and eat it alone. The other day, I made a cilantro-lime orzo with chicken and tomatoes in it. I spiced it up with some cumin, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, and chopped black olives. You could also spice it up with italian or cajun spices. The precooked chicken is a great thing–the bags in the freezer section are great and the canned chicken is actually pretty good, too!
    I get recipes emailed to me every day. I will pass along the good ones to ya if you want! Good luck! By the way, your little Emma is just darling!!


  5. nissey,

    just get the pre-cooked shrimp at the grocery store, some pasta and your favorite pasta sauce. You sautee the shrimp for about two minutes just before the s’ghetti is done and pile it on top of your yummy sauce. Fifteen minutes, o.g. meal. Love you!!!
    P.S. Give emma my kisses =)


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