Top 10 Reasons to Have Another Baby

10. The ice chips in the hospital were quite refreshing.

9. Your friends will throw you the coolest baby shower.

8. You get to wear those awesome elastic pants again.

7. You get to eat anything you want for 40 weeks.

6. Your current baby no longer needs you to feed her every 3 hours in the middle of the night and you have some time on your hands.
5. Who needs more than 3 minutes for a shower?

4. Those newborn diapers are soooo darn cute.

3. Did I mention that you get to eat anything you want for 40 weeks?
2. You LOVE to freak your husband out ( I’m sure Ian’s heart rate probably tripled as he read this) 😉
1. Another beautiful, wonderful baby to take care of and love for the rest of your life!!! How great does that sound??? Totally worth it!