Why didn’t anyone tell me I have LEGS???

Two days ago, my daughter discovered that she has legs. She has been rolling over from back to front for weeks, but she is now able to push on her legs and roll over from tummy to back, too. What an accomplishment!!! In addition, she pushes on her legs to “creep” her way around. She is really unstoppable now. We may need to invest in one of those baby jails now. She can sure creep her way from one side of the room to the other.

I can’t believe that just two days ago we could contain her in one spot. I’m sure she will be crawling in no time… I can’t wait!


Caffeine Free!!!


I’d like to think that yet another chapter of my life is coming to a close. The chapter that I am talking about is the one in which I have deprived my body of caffeine. You see, while I was pregnant, Ian and I decided that it would be a good idea for me to keep caffeine out of my diet. There were lots of reasons why we thought it was a good decision (although many women have caffeine and their pregnancies and babies are just fine.) We just decided that, for us, it was better to keep it away.

So, I was glad when Emma was born nine months later and I was able to have caffeine again. I am not a lover of coffee or iced tea. NO- My LOVE is for Dr. Pepper. Before I knew it, I was chugging down cans of Dr. Pepper as if they were the air I need to breathe. Dr. Pepper was helping the headaches that resulted after my messed up epidural, and I was happy-as-can-be to enjoy its delicious taste again. Emma was sleeping just fine when we were in the hospital, so I thought all was well.

I was wrong. A few weeks after we brought Emma home, Ian and I spent one night trying to get her to sleep. Nothing worked. We tried her swing. We tried rocking her… We tried walking up and down the hallway holding her in our arms. I tried nursing her… The list of tries was endless. At one point, I felt so upset at Ian that I couldn’t even look at him. In my mind, it was all his fault. I wanted to get some sleep, and he was the one keeping me from my goal. Why couldn’t HE just put her to sleep? Why did I have to do EVERYTHING? After several hours, Emma finally did fall asleep. (I don’t even remember what worked.) Ian and I went to bed without saying a word to each other. That was one of the very few nights that we were not happy with each other. I did not care. I wanted to sleep…

The next morning, I was in a better mood. I called Ian at work and apologized for being such a rotten wife. We talked about what may have happened, and we figured it out—- it was the caffeine. The previous day, Ian and I had been to Freebirds for lunch. I always like to enjoy a cold Dr. Pepper with my Freebird, but that day I had 3 too many refills. THAT was it.

SOOOOOOOO, no more Dr. Pepper for me. It was just not worth it. I did not want another night like that. Sure enough, it worked. Emma slept much better since my decision to quit Dr. Pepper.

So here we are 4 months later. I’m terrified to have Dr. Pepper again. I’ve become addicted to Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper (its in a gold box for those of you who can’t wait to try it.) BUT it is not the same. I think it may be time to introduce caffeine into my diet a little at a time. Please pray that Emma’s sleep is not bothered by this. My plan is to start having Dr. Pepper early in the day, and see how it affects her naps during the day. I’m afraid to mess with her night sleep. I will write about the progress later…

After this experience, I’ve made a critical decision for my future. Next time I’m pregnant- there will be lots of Dr. Pepper in my diet. I have to let that baby know who’s boss…