Amazing human trick.

It’s funny how having a baby gets you thinking about things. Have you ever wondered how you learned to perform simple human actions, such as talking, walking, and laughing? Watching Emma grow has been such a mind boggling experience. We have seen her go from floppy and helpless to being able to lift up her head. Who knew holding your head up was such a difficult task to accomplish??? She can also track objects with her eyes- yes, she can look at things and follow them around with her eyes. Genius!

The coolest of her human tricks happened today for the first time. I was getting dressed and Ian was changing Emma in her room. “Hey Denisse! Come here! Have you ever seen Emma do this?” I walked into the room to see Ian make the silliest face I have ever seen. This silliness had a purpose- to get a response from his daughter. To my surprise, Emma laughed! It was not just a smile (she’s been doing that for weeks.) It was a laugh with a “hahahah” chuckle. My eyes filled with tears as I saw my baby laugh for the first time. “Make her do it again,” I said. And she did. It was so great. Ian thought we should let her rest. After all, we didn’t want to wear her out from laughing too much.
We are currently working on another human skill with Emma. She is able to lay on her tummy for longer periods of time, but she has not realized that she can use her arms to hold herself up. She somehow manages to support her entire body with all her weight on her tummy. I’ve tried to push on her hands to show her that her arms do, indeed, work. We will continue to work on this one… she’ll get it soon. Until then, we can enjoy her newfound laughter…

Author: denissewarshak

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have the best three kids in the world. I like to write, craft, and appreciate the beautiful things around me.

2 thoughts on “Amazing human trick.”

  1. Enjoy, Emma one day at a time. Take it from someone who has been there. Little ones grow up to be big ones soon enough. It seems like you are really enjoying her little achievements. That is great! Just make sure you don’t get so caught up looking forward to what she will do next that you miss the joy of what she is doing now.That is so easy to do with the first born. God bless you and we love you.
    Donna Leidner


  2. Sounds like Emma’s ready to come with her favorite aunt to yoga class! (even i can’t hold myself up without hands!)
    Love you oodles!


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